At Done we want to be fully transparent. No bullshit.
Below you will find the big milestones of our product roadmap.

As we want to stay agile, it might change, but it gives you an idea where we want to go with you. We are releasing new features and correcting bugs every 2 weeks, thanks to our users' feedback and the work of our team.

Don't hesitate to contact us for bugs or ideas.
We would love to hear from you. For real.


THIS YEAR (2020)

✉️Send and receive emails: we are thinking about sending messages to people who are not in Done. We want to work on a way to let you speak in Done with people that still use (old school) emails.

🏢Organization & admin: we want you to be able to create an organization (or several) and easily administrate it.

💸Pricing & Billing: Done is free, and it will always be. But for those who want more (data, messages, features...), we will create a premium version.


Q1 2020

To-do V2: We want to give you the best experience with your to-dos so we did user tests to improve it! It will change drastically and will give you more possibilities: create a list, Create a to-do from a message... Check it out, it's live now!

Q4 2019

☁️Backup and restore: don't loose any data if you change device. Get your stuff on the cloud.

🤝Invite by email: we want to improve the invite system so that it is easier to get your team or clients on board.

🔍Search: you can now search people when creating a chat, a group, an event or a to-do.

📩Status of messages: who saw you messages? Easy, check the status of the message!
Hourglass: message not sent yet
Grey round empty: message is sent
Grey round with check: message is received (and maybe seen by some users)
Green round with check: message is seen by all users

Q3 2019

💬New on boarding: more illustrations and fun + bubble when you launch the app for the first time to explain you where to go and what to do in Done.

🖌️Design: the app got a serious revamp: it's now beautiful and light!

MVP version

We built Done so that you can do all the basics of your work in one app, and it includes: