The former News Republic team, under the leadership of Gilles Raymond, a serial entrepreneur with 4 established startups under their belt, has been working in stealth mode, on the next all in one app: Done.

Done is an application that features:

Instant Messaging + Calendar + To-do list + file management system,

all in one interface.

80% of our time at work is spent doing 4 basic tasks and for that we generally use 10 different apps

“If you think about the way we have been working for the last 15 years, it’s insane. 80% of the time spent behind your screen is about doing always the same 4 basic tasks: communicating, setting up meetings or appointments, sharing files, building to-do lists.

To achieve those tasks we are using a minimum of 10 different pieces of software and, even worse, none of those tools are interacting with each other” says Gilles Raymond CEO of Done.

Done offers the ability to perform all those 4 tasks from a sole, simple application.

Through a smooth UX, all 4 actions can even be managed directly from a chatbox.

There is no need to switch from one app to another or to different tabs.

It is time to reinvent our daily routine, to add some intelligence, to remove frictions.

“During 15 years we have been managing our recurring tasks the same way. It is time to reinvent our daily routine, to add some intelligence, to remove frictions. Done is all about that.” says Gilles Raymond CEO of Done.

The team has received half a million dollars of investment from business angels such as Eric Tholome - Senior Director, Product Management at Google -, Benjamin Orthlieb - Director of Corporate Development at Linkedin, Alexis Yazdiz, CEO of Voodoo, Thierry Vandewalle - Partner at ISAI….

With Done

● Communicate with your team, clients, and partners.

● Integrate all your calendars in one click. Invite people who are or aren’t on Done. Know easily when your contacts are available.

● Create your own to-dos, receive and assign to-dos with your colleagues and partners and follow up.

● All your work files are here. Get your own space, share folders and files automatically with your team and clients.

About Done

Done ( is a start-up based in California and Bordeaux (France) set up by Gilles Raymond.

Our mission is to connect millions of people to get business Done.

The company has published Done for Android, iOS and the web.

Done is the only app you really need for work.